Go for Functional and Attractive Marine Placards

functional attractive marine placards

If you own a boat either for recreational or commercial purposes, there are Coast Guard regulations that you need to follow to have your vessel in the water legally. Among the rules and regulations include displaying certain information regarding your vessel so that those on board the boat can read it and access it. Requirements…

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Displaying Boat Name And Documentation Number

displaying boat name documentation number

As a proud owner of a boat, it is time to travel around the world with your ship. But before you do so, make sure that you have displayed your boat’s name and its documentation number. The most frequently asked question from boat owners is how to show the documentation board. This situation will depend…

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Registration Number For Your Boating Needs

registration number for your boating needs

Some boat owners opt to paint their registration number to their vessel. Over time, the painting will fade. Now, enforcement officials are asking where your ship’s decal is. It is gone and you have nothing to show them. Another problem of boat owners is that they do not know the proper alignment to separate ship…

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