Registration Number For Your Boating Needs

registration number for your boating needs

Some boat owners opt to paint their registration number to their vessel. Over time, the painting will fade. Now, enforcement officials are asking where your ship’s decal is. It is gone and you have nothing to show them.

Another problem of boat owners is that they do not know the proper alignment to separate ship numbers.

If you encounter one of those problems, then documentation number placard is the solution you can have. You do not have to build it on your own. Instead, go to our shop and order a customized documentation number placard. We manufacture your plaque so you can attach it to your boat.

How To Attach The Plaque?

Regarding attachment, the placard should be attached based on the instructions of the US Coast Guard. But we can also provide you a set of easy-to-follow instructions when you order the documentation number plaque from us.

The placard that we produce is durable and flexible. In this way, we can assure you that it can last a long time. It also does not fade quickly, unlike paint. Plus, the placard is guaranteed to be legal, and it adheres to the requirements of the US Coast Guard.

When attaching it to your boat, make sure that it is in the correct location.


How To Order Your Documentation Number Placard?

Just go to our shop, fill out the relevant fields and place your order. Wait for your placard to arrive with the instructions on how to attach it to your ship. For custom order, you may need to call us so we can properly understand how your placard is produced. Afterward, you can play your order and wait for it to arrive at your shipping address.

Meeting The US Coast Guard Standards

All of the placards that we make meet the standards of the US Coast Guard. That is, we employ three-inch block style letters and use contrasting background. We also provide a custom design that meets every state legal requirement for boating registration laws.

If you sell your boat, the documentation number will be the same. The reason for this is that the ID or documentation number is permanently attached to the ship, whether you sell it or not.

The Benefits Of Documenting Your Boat

Documenting your ship has a lot of advantages. It may not be a requirement for all boat owners. However, this documentation allows you to travel through the international waters and carry the US flag.