Coast Guard Placard Requirements for Your Vessel

Coast Guard Placard Requirements

If you are planning to buy a large vessel, either for recreational or commercial purposes, or if your boat is of a certain size, you may be required to document your vessel with the U.S. Coast Guard. While commercial vessels are required to get documentation, only recreational vessels of a certain size need to be documented, though you can still do so if you want the documentation. In any case, you will need to display your documentation number so that it is visible if it needs to be examined. There are also other signs you may need to display according to regulations if you want your boat to be on the water legally. There are certain Coast Guard placard requirements you need to follow to make sure you avoid potential trouble.

Documentation Numbers Must be Displayed for Coast Guard Placard Requirements

If your vessel has a documentation number that has been issued to you by the Coast Guard, then you need to display that number properly. In the past, boat owners typically painted the number directly on the boat. Some people also carved the number into a piece of wood and hung it on the boat to display. Neither method was foolproof or looked very good, and as time went on, more boat owners began to look for better ways to display the documentation number. Ways that look official and look nice on the boat. That is why more people turn to the use of different placards today.

Waste Management Placards

There are other Coast Guard placard requirements that you may need to follow. Depending on the size of your vessel, you may be required to have a placard that states the prohibition of oil discharge into open waters. This placard must be a particular size and clearly, state the rules about the discharge of amounts of oil. Depending on the size of your boat, you may also need to have placards that talk about the discharge of garbage from your vessel. This applies to vessels that have a galley present on board where food is stored or made.

Where to Get Placards Made

Since there are several Coast Guard placards requirements, it is good for you to know where you can go to get placards made for your vessel. You can come to us at Vessel Placards, a source for finely-made placards that meet all of the Coast Guard requirements that apply to your vessel. You can order your placard safely and securely from our website so you can have them made and sent to you for easy mounting on your boat.