Proper Boat Number Regulations and Displaying Your Boat Number

proper boat number regulations

Boat ownership is more popular than ever, and more people each day are investing in pleasure boats, yachts, and large vessels so that they can get out on the water and enjoy the day or days they get to spend there. If you are purchasing a boat for the first time, it can be a big thrill for you as you look forward to spending time on the water. You do need to keep in mind that there are regulations you must follow so that you can have your boat in the water legally, including how you display information about your boat. There are proper boat number regulations you must follow to display your boat number properly and legally.

Getting Proper Boat Number Regulations

You will get a registration number for your boat when you register it with the state that you live in, as is the requirement in the United States. For large recreational vessels, you do have the option of registering with your state and getting a registration number or registering with the Coast Guard, so you are part of the federal registry. If you register with the Coast Guard, you will receive a documentation number for your boat. Documentation numbers do not have to be displayed in the same way registration numbers do.


Each State Has Number Regulationsproper boat number regulations

Each state has their own boat number regulations, so you need to check with your state to see how the numbers must be displayed on your boat so that they are visible. For most, the numbers are displayed on the exterior hull of the boat in some way so that they are clearly visible. For documentation numbers, the documentation number needs to be displayed on the interior of the boat and must be painted or permanently attached in some way to the boat.

Displaying Your Documentation Boat Number

To comply with the Coast Guard and their proper boat number regulations, you can turn to us here at Vessel Placards to get a fine-looking placard to display your documentation number. We offer different placards of wood, stainless steel or marine-grade HDPE that are nicely engraved with your number so that you can display them legally and proudly on your ship. You can place an order for a placard easily when you use our website so that you can get a placard that complies with Coast Guard regulations and looks its best for your boat.