Following the Current Oil Discharge Placard Requirements

following current oil discharge placard requirements

As a vessel owner, it is up to you to make sure your vessel meets all of the current safety regulations enforced by the U.S. Coast Guard. The regulations are set in place to help make sure all vessel owners are complying with federal laws, and the vessels are operating in a manner that is safe for everyone and the waters. One area of concern for the Coast Guard has always been in regards to pollution, and they have created regulations that help vessel owners know they are taking this problem seriously and that laws will be enforced. If you own a recreational or commercial vessel, you need to make sure you meet the oil discharge placard requirements in place today.

Why the Rule Exists for Oil Discharge Placard

Some people may question just why they need to have a placard in place on their ship as part of the law. The placards are designed to keep everyone on the ship informed of the regulations regarding polluting the ocean waters with oil. It is to let people know that the discharge of oil or oil waste into the waters can have a negative on the water, ocean life and the natural resources in the area and is prohibited in the United States and contiguous zone under the authority of the United States. Vessel owners and those on the ship will be aware that there can be stiff fines or imprisonment for violating the law.

The Rules of the Placard

The current oil discharge placard requirements require that the placard measure five inches by eight inches in size. The placard must contain the language relating to the federal law prohibiting the discharge of oil. The sign must then be placed on the vessel, either in the mechanical space, at the bilge or the ballast pump control station. The placard must be in a conspicuous area so that it can be noticed easily and it must be in the language or languages of the crew of the vessel so that it can be understood by all aboard.

How to Get a Placard

Once you become aware that your vessel must meet oil discharge placard requirements set forth by the Coast Guard, you want to make sure to get a placard as soon as possible for your vessel. You can turn to us at Vessel Placards to get any or all of the placards that are required by the Coast Guard for your vessel. Take the time to go to our website at so you can see the selection available right now and place your order so that you can be sure your vessel is in compliance with the law.