Go for Functional and Attractive Marine Placards

functional attractive marine placards

If you own a boat either for recreational or commercial purposes, there are Coast Guard regulations that you need to follow to have your vessel in the water legally. Among the rules and regulations include displaying certain information regarding your vessel so that those on board the boat can read it and access it. Requirements stipulate that you must display things like your Coast Guard documentation number if your boat is documented by the Coast Guards, among other requirements. There are different ways for you to do this to comply with the law, but when you work with us at Vessel Placards, you can get functional and attractive Marine Placards that look fantastic along the way.

Go Beyond the Basic with your marine placards

Many boat owners choose to display their numbers or other signs in a very basic way. In the past, it was fairly common to see numbers simply sprawled on the bulkhead of the boat so that the numbers were visible. Little care or attention may have been paid to the numbers, and they were often painted on. The numbers did not look good, stand out in any way and often needed to be replaced after a short time exposed to the elements, so they remained visible. Today, you can go well beyond this look and get something that does its job and looks fantastic as a part of your ship.

Placards You are Proud to Display

When you come to us at Vessel Placards, we can supply you with marine placards that have a great function for you while looking their best. Our placards are available in several different styles, and you can select from materials like stainless steel, mahogany, oak or starboard. The numbers are properly etched into the material to provide you with a lasting means of display thanks to the laser etching we perform. The placards will hold up well over time and under all kinds of conditions, so you do not have to be concerned about rust, corrosion or the numbers fading away.

Choose Your Look

If you are in need of marine placards for your vessel, see the selection we have to offer at Vessel Placards. You can choose from among our styles when you visit our website at www.vesselplacards.com and place an order directly on our website so we can get your placard out to you right away, so you have a fine way to display your information.