Know the Correct Boat Name Placement for Your Vessel

Know the Correct Boat Name Placement for Your Vessel

One of the great thrills of buying a new boat for yourself, besides getting the opportunity to take it on trips out into the open water, is that you get the chance to name your boat as you would like. Naming a boat is a very personal thing, and you want to choose a name that is meaningful to you. Once you select the name of your boat, you need to make sure that the name is placed properly on your vessel so that it can get seen by others, including officials from the Coast Guard. You want to make sure you know the correct boat name placement for your vessel so that your boat complies with state and federal regulations.

State Registration Has Name Placement Requirements

If your vessel is registered with the state that you live in, your state mandates how your boat name should get displayed on your vessel. Most states carry the same basic requirements, including the placing of the boat name on the forward half of your vessel. The name must be permanently attached to the boat in some manner. You can use a placard to display the boat name, but the placard must be bolted or screwed in place on the hull of the boat or on the superstructure so that it is clearly visible and safely affixed.

Know the Correct Boat Name Placement for Your Vessel

Documentation Has Different Placement Requirements

For vessels that are federally documented with the Coast Guard, boat name placement regulations differ slightly. The name and hailing port of your vessel must be marked together on a spot of your exterior hull that is clearly visible. Many recreational boat owners place this information on the stern and then place the boat name on both sides of the bow in the same way that it is required for commercial vessels.

Getting a Placard for Your Boat Name

If you are ready for your boat name placement and would like to use a nice placard affixed to your vessel, we can help you here at Vessel Placards. We can create customized placards for you for your vessel documentation number (if you have one) and for your boat name so that you have a fantastic placard to display. You can choose your custom placard here on our website and place a secure order with us, and we can ship your placard out to you, so you have a great addition for your boat.