The Required Marine Placards You Should Know About

The Required Marine Placards You Should Know About

If you own a boat that is a pleasure vessel or for commercial purposes, there are many regulations you must know. Those rules include the displaying of specific information regarding your boat. They may also warn about maritime laws you have to follow under the U.S. Coast Guard. Failure to display this information can lead to fines for you. You could even have your vessel confiscated if you consistently violate these rules. There are required marine placards you should know about so you can make sure you are displaying the information needed properly.

Displaying Documentation Information

If you have taken the time to get a Coast Guard documentation number and register your boat, regulations require these certifications to be displayed properly so it can be seen on your boat. Pleasure vessels are not required to have documentation but can do so. Commercial vessels, under current laws, must be documented with the Coast Guard. In either case, if you have a documentation number, you must have a placard that displays the number. This number should be visible on the interior of your boat and affixed properly, so it will not be removed.

Displaying Regulations

There are other marine placards that you may need. Their use depend on what your vessel offers and its size. Certain boats will need to display the regulations regarding oil discharge. Thus, the crew and those aboard your ship understand the laws and regulations regarding oil discharge. If your ship has a galley, you may also need a placard that displays the regulations regarding the release of garbage and waste material into open waters.

Where to Get Placards

If you find that your current vessel needs marine placards so you can comply with the laws, you should turn to us at Vessel Placards for help. We can provide you with placards for your documentation number that do the job for you and look their best. We offer engraved placards of different materials that will look nice for you and display the information needed properly. If you need more information or place an order with us, please email us at