How do you register your yacht with USCG

how register yacht uscg

Having your very own yacht can be a freeing experience. Unfortunately, like most things that are enjoyable, yachts require a certain level of responsibility as well. It is a requirement that all yachts must be registered under a country and if you are in the United States, you must register your yacht in a particular state. One of the biggest decisions that you must make about your yacht is where you wish to register your boat. At Vessel Placards we provide our customers with high-quality place cards with your embossed United States Coast Guard registration number for your yacht. Read on to learn  more about how to register your yacht so your boat  will use our  top-notch placards that can withstand the test of the seas and time.


What’s in a Name?

Any boat over five metric tons is required to be registered according to the United States Coast Guard. However, there are numerous types of registration that a yacht can be under depending on it’s purpose. If you have a yacht, a Certificate of Documentation must  be endorsed for either fishery, coast-wise, registry, or recreation. However, it should be noted that if you endorse your boat under a certain label, it can also be used for recreation. Which means that you should only mark your yacht as recreational if you will use your boat for purely recreational purposes.


What do I Need to Start my Journey?

You may be itching to start bringing your yacht out unto the seas, but there are some steps that you must go through first. First you must provide documentation that demonstrates ownership of the vessel, U.S. citizenship, and eligibility for the endorsement that you wish your boat to be under. Not to mention you must also choose a port to hail from as well as a name for vessel. Once you have your registration number you must have it exhibited on your vehicle that can be made easy as pie with our selection of placards that are perfect for any marine vessel. Trust Vessel Placards for placards that you can trust to not rub away over time like most painted on documentation numbers.


Looking for a simple way to show the United States Coast Guard documentation for your yacht? Order online today from Vessel Placards today for high-quality placards that fit United States Coast Guard regulations.