What is USCG Documentation?

what is uscg documentation

If you are a first time boat owner, you may be bombarded with a plethora of terms and requirements that you may be completely unfamiliar with. It can be easy to end up with a bunch of things that you absolutely do not need and overlook, things that are necessary. Documentation from the United States Coast Guard is one of those crucial aspects of boat owning that can be easily overlooked, but incredibly important. In fact, United States Coast Guard Documentation is probably the most important step to owning a boat and should be done from the very beginning. Read on to learn more about USCG Documentation and how Vessel Placards makes your life incredibly easier when it comes to United States Coast Guard Documentation.


What Exactly is It?| USCG Documentation

United States Coast Guard Documentation is like the boat equivalent to your car’s registration. Vessel documentation is a national form of registration for your boat and is considered one of the oldest functions in the American government. This documentation provides anyone who might inquire, the evidence of your boat’s nationality for international purposes,allows your boat to have unhindered commerce between the states, and admits vessel into trades that otherwise might be restricted, such as coastwise trade and fisheries. Not to mention, vessel financing has been offered through the availability of preferred mortgages on documented vessels since the 1920’s. At Vessel Placards we assist you in providing you with high quality signage for this important documentation.


What do you do with it?

The United States Coast Guard requires that each documented boat gets their very own registration number that must be shown visibly outside the boat for safety purposes. Of course, there are regulations on how registration numbers must be shown on the vehicle, which is where Vessel Placards comes into play. We provide United States Coast Guard regulated, marine grade placards for your boats. Most boat owners simply paint the numbers on your vessel, which can look incredibly tacky, not to mention, can rub off. Which is why we provide our customers with easy to install placards that will withstand the harsh conditions that the seas may cause.


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