There are USCG Required Placards You Need for Your Boat

uscg placards you need for boat

Owning a boat can be fantastic for you, your family and your friends as you get to enjoy all of the time you spend traveling out on the water. When you own a large vessel like a pleasure boat, yacht or recreational vehicle, there are many responsibilities that go along with it, including complying with all of the laws and regulations put forth by the Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard (USCG). Among the different regulations, you must abide by are laws that express that you need to properly display things like your documentation number and certain regulations that apply to your craft. There are several USCG required placards you may need for your boat so you can go out on the waters legally.

Displaying Your Documentation Number USCG Required Placards

Depending on the size of your vessel and whether or not you are operating a commercial vessel, the USCG may require that you document your boat with their department so that they have a proper record. While for recreational vessels documentation can be optional, it does provide you with certain advantages to have this documentation with the Coast Guard. When you have a documentation number regulations require that you display the number in a prominent location on the boat so that it is visible for the Coast Guard and others so you can be identified properly.

Other Placards may be Needed

There are other USCG required placards that you may have to get for your vessel. You need to have an oil discharge placard stating the regulations regarding oil discharge from the vessel if your vessel is over a certain size. If you have a galley on your boat, you are also required to display a placard regarding the disposal of waste and garbage according to Coast Guard regulations. Any of the placards you may need are to be displayed in particular locations on the boat and need to be in languages that the crew on the boat can understand.

Where to get Placards

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