Don’t Forget the Proper Vessel Placards for Your Boat

proper vessel placards for your boat

It is getting to be that time of year again where people all over have thoughts about warmer weather and what they are going to do during the summer months. You look forward with great anticipation of getting your boat out into the water and enjoying all that the experience has to offer with your family and friends. There is always a lot of preparation work involved in getting your boat ready for another year in the water, and it can take some time and effort to make sure everything is done properly. One thing you certainly do not want to overlook is to make sure you have the proper vessel placards for your boat so that you are in proper compliance to be on the water.

Placards may be Required

If you have a boat that is documented with the U.S. Coast Guard, there is a legal requirement that you display your documentation number where it is visible on your vessel. Failure to do this can lead to potential hefty fines or even impounding of your vessel, taking you off the water until you get the problem remedied. You are much better off making an effort to post your documentation in the manner it needs to be done and in the proper location so you can save yourself from any potential headaches.

Something That Looks Good

In the past, many boat owners may have haphazardly posted their documentation number just to meet the requirements of the law. It was not at all unusual to see a boat where the documentation number was simply painted on the bulkhead of the boat. Many people may even have a basic wooden sign that they carved the numbers into and posted it in the proper area. If you need to go through posting the information, you should at the very least have vessel placards that look good and official so that it is easy to see and you are proud to display it.

Where to Get a Proper Placard

To make sure your boat is ready for the water this year, take the time to get the vessel placards that you need from us at Vessel Placards. We offer fine placards made of oak, stainless steel or mahogany and are laser-etched so that they last and look fantastic. You can see more about the placards we offer and order one for yourself when you visit our website.