Read the MARPOL Placard PDF to Learn about Compliance


As a boat owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your vessel is operated safely and is always in compliance with U.S. federal guidelines and international marine laws, if applicable. These guidelines cover some areas, including things like the proper discharge of garbage and waste materials from your vessel. Ocean and seas pollution is a worldwide problem that needs to be addressed, and there are laws in place that dictate what is and is not allowable. Laws are changed and amended all of the time, and it is up to you to make sure you are aware of changes and remain in compliance. It is always a good idea for you to read the latest MARPOL placard PDF available from the Coast Guard so you can stay aware of what is required of you.

What MARPOL Placards Refers to

MARPOL is short for marine pollution, and there are rules and regulations that you need to follow that are put forth by the U.S. Coast Guard. These laws govern how waste management needs to take place on a vessel, how garbage and waste should be disposed of safely and properly. Laws generally prohibit the discharge of any type of garbage or waste into the sea, and it is important you stay aware of any changes that take place regarding these regulations. The Coast Guard routinely amends and updates the information, and you can find the documentation when you visit their website.

Staying in Compliance

As part of the MARPOL regulations, you will find that there is an MARPOL placard PDF that describes how you must post a placard that speaks to the pollution regulation currently in place. The PDF provided by the Coast Guard gives you all of the information you need regarding the placard you may need for your vessel, including the wording that needs to be included and where the placards need to be posted so that they can be seen by passengers and crew. Failure to have these placards could result in fines.

Where to Get Placards

After you have read the MARPOL placard PDF and you determine that you need placards or require new ones to comply with the current amendments to regulations, you should come to us at Vessel Placards for help. We specialize in creating and supplying all of the vessel placards you may need for your boat and can provide you with what you need. You can see our selection when you come to our website and place your order safely and securely online so we can create the placard for you so you can get the information posted properly.