Follow the Coast Guard Boat Requirements

Follow the coast guard boat requirements

When you own a commercial or recreational vessel today, there are rules and regulations you need to follow so you can be sure your boat is on the water legally and safely. Each vessel is required to meet the safety specifications set forth by the United States Coast Guard so that the passengers and crew of the boat remain safe and that the waters you sail on can be kept clean and safe. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the current Coast Guard boat requirements, so you can be sure you meet safety standards and have proper information posted on your vessel.

Posting Proper Safety Requirements

If you are the responsible owner of the vessel, it is up to you to make sure your vessel meets the safety requirements of the ship and that proper safety information is posted in the necessary locations of your ship. This includes information regarding the use and availability of life jackets and your ship’s occupancy capacity, among other safety measures. You also need to post notices regarding the disposal of garbage and waste at sea and for the rules governing the discharge of oil from your vessel. Failure to post this information could result in fines for you that can be quite costly.

Follow the coast guard boat requirements

Coast Guard Documentation Numbers

For recreational or commercial vessels that have received documentation from the Coast Guard, there are Coast Guard boat requirements regarding the proper posting of your documentation number. The number needs to be visible and posted in the proper location on your boat so that it is visible should you get inspected or need to show the number to proper personnel. Many people use different means to post their documentation number, but it is important that is displayed properly, or you can risk getting fined.

Meeting Your Requirements with Us

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