Understanding Coast Guard Placard Requirements


Whether you own a commercial sailing vessel or a recreational vessel, there are laws and regulations that you need to follow so that your ship is in compliance with federal regulations. Many of the regulations set for by the U.S. Coast Guard involve clearly marking and documenting certain information about your boat and the laws that pertain to the type of vessel you have. Certain regulations state that placards must be used and displayed so that information is accessible to the passengers, crew or anyone that boards your vessel. It is important that you understand the Coast Guard placard requirements so that you can be sure your ship complies with regulations and is not at risk for fines.

Displaying Documentation Information

Vessels that have gone through the process of documentation with the Coast Guard are required by law to display the documentation number. While the law does not state that the number must be displayed on the exterior of the boat, there is an inside requirement that you must meet. The regulations state that the number must be displayed in an area that is visible on the interior of the boat where it would be easily visible and noticeable if the information had been altered or removed. While some people might simply paint the number on the bulkhead or carve it into some wood, getting an actual placard looks nicer and more official.

Meeting Requirements in Style

If you are looking to meet the Coast Guard placard requirements as they pertain to documentation, we at Vessel Placards can be the company to help you. We can supply you with stylish, high-quality placards that have your documentation number laser engraved on them. We offer placards made of brushed stainless steel, hardwood such as oak or mahogany or marine-grade HDPE board. Each placard features your information in the legal size required by the Coast Guard, so you meet requirements.

Place Your Order

To make sure your information is properly displayed and that you meet the Coast Guard placard requirements, place an order for a placard with us at Vessel Placards. You can take care of everything safely and easily online when you go to our website. You can submit your order and information, and we will get your placard out to you as soon as possible so that you can make sure your boat is in compliance.